My rating: 5*/5

  • Genre: Medical, human, melodrama, family, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Year: 2013

Main Cast


I think i wouldn’t have enough stars to rate this drama, it’s just WOW,WOW,WOW… A very powerful and emotional drama revolving real life matters that i think it’s impossible not to fall for and to hold your tears. The main character is a young man, Park Shi Ohn that has autistic disorder and the savant syndrome but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming to one day become a pediatrician despite his illness and the society’s discrimination and bias. Quite a new and interesting subject, isn’t it?

Park Shi Ohn had a terrible childhood not only because of his illness but mostly because of his violent father that made life for him, his brother and his mother a hell. His only comfort was his older brother that was always caring for him almost being like a father although they were only kids. Oh, and also his bunny! But when his brother and bunny die leaving him all alone that’s the moment he starts dreaming of becoming a pediatrician. Being also abandoned by his parents, he’s taken under care by a doctor who discovers his exceptional abilities that the illness brings wanting to help him become a doctor and so break free from all the misconceptions and discrimination against ill people.



Being all grown up now (at least, physically, because he still has the mentality of a 10-year-old) he’s being proposed to become a resident at a great hospital were his benefactor works and at the risk of losing his own position as the hospital’s Director he pushes Park Shi Ohn to his best student, the cold and harsh Professor Kim Do Han to take care of him and teach him.


Park Shi Ohn has a tough time at the Pediatric Surgery Department being mistreated by most of his colleagues and his superiors that either want him or the Director out, or both. But there he meets doctor Cha Yoon Seo, a nasty, hot-tempered woman that might seem a bit harsh but who has a warm heart and she starts taking care of Shi Ohn seeing him as her younger brother. She’s always trying to keep him away from trouble unaware of the feelings that start to blossom in Shi Ohn’s heart that change him a bit from the 10-year-old kid to a more responsible and protective young man. Cha Yoon Seo, although she’s got the same feelings for him, it’s hard for her to admit them. Their love story is not so touchy-feely as in other kdramas and it concentrates more on the psychological and emotional side of the characters taking into account that one of them is a bit different. They encounter obstacles in their way but somehow they succeed to protect and keep their love.


I think that this relationship has a great impact on Park Shi Ohn that starts to become more mature, learns how to control his impulses and starts to face his fears. Also Yoon Seo must gain more strenght in order to protect their relationship from all the bad comments and problems coming their way.


Every episode has a story to tell by presenting patients with different life experiences and problems and also keeps you on your toes not knowing what will happen next, a person’s life being at stake. In all this chaos, Shi Ohn goes from unwanted to a needed person in some cases, even to the harsh Professor Kim Do Han. With his unique abilities and improved reactions when under stress he’s gainig more and more  recognition from both his colleagues and some of his superiors that actually start to like and support him and so becoming Kim Do Han’s special student by challenging Park Shi Ohn to exceed him if he wants to stay in the field (and let me tell you that Kim Do Han was no joke as a doctor, quite skilled).

Shi Ohn’s warm and caring nature wins him the hearts of the patients, their guardians, the hospital’s staff and doctors making it easier for him to integrate.


Now, talking about the cast, again WOW, WOW, WOW, you go Joo Won (Joo WOW better said)!! You might not agree with me but he’s the best actor to me. Being able to play such a difficult character and actually play it so well….one really must have been born to be an actor. He deserves all the praise and more. Outstanding job!!

I don’t have many things to say about either Moon Chae Won or the others in the cast, they did a good job as well but nothing impressive or i guess their characters might have seemed quite shallow in comparison to Joo Won’s.

They showed good chemistry on screen but again, Joo Won as an actor and Park Shi Ohn as his character made everything worth watching and rewatching many many times. He was so endearing with his funny gestures and comments and with all his quirks that can make any heart beat faster.

tumblr_mukal6hhok1s7vpl4o1_500So, Good Doctor and Joo Won, you deserve all the stars in the sky.

P.S. For some it might be difficult to watch a medical drama but you get used to it after the first episodes. You can take my friend’s example by pausing everytime you feel dizzy or watch it with your eyes half closed. Kidding! But it would be a shame to not watch this amazing drama.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 5*/5
  • Characters: 5*/5
  • Love story: 5/5
  • Atmosphere: 5*/5
  • Plot: 5*/5
  • OST: 5/5
  • Drama overall: 5*/5

Good Doctor trailer

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2014 9th Seoul International Drama Awards
  • Best Mini Series
2014 41st Korea Broadcasting Awards
  • Best Drama
2014 Banff World Media Festival
  • Best Serial Drama
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards
  • Best Drama
2014 Korea PD Awards
  • Best Drama
  • Best Performer (Talent) Award (Joo Won)
2013 KBS Drama Awards
  • Top Excellence Actor (Joo Won)
  • Actor of the Year (selected by PD’s of three main broadcasters) (Joo Won)
  • Excellence Actress for Mid-Length Drama (Moon Chae Won)
  • Excellence Actor for Mid-Length Drama (Joo Sang Wook)
  • Best Couple Award (Joo Won and Moon Chae Won)
  • Popularity Award (Moon Chae Won)
  • Netizens’ Award (Joo Won)
2013 6th Korea Drama Awards


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