My rating: 5/5

  • Genre: Romance, comedy, thriller, action
  • Episodes: 20
  • Year: 2014
Main Cast


Healer is another good drama that’s worth watching. Even if you’re not a big fan of action dramas, at least you’ll be Ji Chang-Wook’ s fan. Although it might resemble quite a bit to Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter, in my opinion Healer’s better since i got bored of City Hunter and didn’t even finish it. But as a coincidence, the main actress plays in both City Hunter and Healer, where i think she did a better job and even her character, the quirky newspaper reporter Chae Young Shin, was more lively and funny to watch.

We’re talking about a guy that has three different identities, one is Seo Jung Hoo whose father died and whose mother abandoned him at a very young age being the subject of malicious comments among his school colleagues and living more of a loner brat life. Also, the grandma that was taking care of him also died leaving him completely alone in this world.


The second one is Healer, a night errand boy. Under the code name of Healer, he was taking in some dangerous jobs as delivering secret, important or illegal things, documents, finding people and all this stuff that one can’t do in broad daylight and that normal companies don’t offer their services for. Though he had his limits too, those being not to kill people.


One day he’s given the unusual job of finding some girl and take a sample of her nails for a DNA test. This girl is none other than Someday News’ reporter Chae Young Shin, a strange girl that’s always sneaking into people’s life, especially famous ones, trying to get some breaking news or find out the truth. Healer’s amazed at how naive and careless she can be in doing her job, but he could care less, he only needed to get the job done and get payed and so he did. superthumbBut things turned out more complicated that it should have been when a series of events force him to stick around Young Shin, thus taking  up a new identity, the shy and scaredy-cat junior reporter Park Bong Soo, Chae Young Shin’s pupil at Someday News.

Even though he plans to quickly solve the problem so that he wouldn’t be exposed to the world for too long, he’s being dragged here and there by his senior in the hunt for truth, thus having to get himself exposed to dangerous people and situations at the risk of being discovered at any moment. When the time for him to leave comes, he then realizes that he’s got feelings for Young Shin and decides to stay close to her for a little longer, ignoring the risks he may ecounter.

Under the identity of Park Bong Soo he confesses to her but he’s rejected due to the fact that Young Shin was actually in love with Healer who many times rescued and helped her, even though she doesn’t really know him, only his voice.

When finding out Healer’s true identity, the problems and rumors that hunt him, Chae Young Shin decides to believe in him.


It was nice to see how she ignored all the bad rumors and accusations that were spreading about Healer and how she actually stood by and helped him. No drama, no remorse, she just believed in the man she knew.


Their love story is very sweet with a sense of responsibility and commitment from both sides which really appealed to me and was more drama free than others.


Ji Chang-Wook did a great job by impersonating three different persons, changing his demeanour in just seconds, had good chemistry with the main actress and also brought some laughs with his character Park Bong Soo.

I must say the entire cast was very professional and also the editing job was done differently from other kdramas,  but i liked it. There were also action and suspense scenes and plot twists which made it interesting to watch.

All in all, it was a great drama that i would happily rewatch.tumblr_static_96wf3qo0q5gkwkocw48osc4cs

 My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 5/5
  • Characters: 5/5
  • Love story: 5*/5
  • Atmosphere: 5/5
  • Plot: 5*/5
  • OST: 5/5
  • Drama overall: 5/5

Healer trailer

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