• Also known as: Jewel in the Palace (MBC Global) / Great Jang Geum
  • Genre: Historical, melodrama, medical, romance
  • Episodes: 54
  • Year: 2003-2004

~Viewership rating: peak=57.8%, average=46.3%~

My rating: 5*/5

Main Cast


ONE OF A KIND!! Why? I think i’ve seen it 5 times already. It was my first kdrama and my first encounter with korean culture and entertainment. (I must admit that at first i thought they were chinese or something, everybody does it in the beginning, but now i get pretty angry when other people can’t differentiate between them).

Let’s see! Dae Jang Geum, a historical drama that keeps you on your toes, wanting to know what’s next and probably taking some of your sleep hours since you’re too curious as to find out what happens next. A drama full of life lessons, dreams, struggles, friendship, love, commitment, determination, honesty and betrayal. Sounds like a soap opera, right? But it’s not. Thanks goodness the writers were smart enough to polish it so that it would have a nice, fresh and refined outlook.

It takes one brilliant, pure and determined young lady, called Jang Geum, that’s been working in the royal kitchen since childhood under the lead of Court Lady Han that’s been like a mother to her for the past few years.


Jang Geum has a very curious mind that would always get her in trouble with her colleagues and superiors, but at the same time she was envied for her intelligence, dedication and courage. All these features and her cooking talent were encouraged by Lady Han that was also very appreciated for her cooking skills and kind nature, making this duo, Jang Geum and Lady Han, get even the royal family’s attention.


But as in every good versus evil story, they must have some enemies, those being Court Lady Choi and her pupil, Geum Young, along with all those that were on their side. They’ve always been in competition with each other, but the upcoming election of the new head of the royal kitchen makes Lady Choi and Geum Young more fierce and evil than ever, their objective being not only winning the competition, but also getting rid of the talented and good natured duo, Lady Han and Jang Geum, which they actually obtain in the end. Getting all their allies to work and using every possible scheme, they finally get rid of Lady Han and Jang Geum and take over the royal kitchen.


Will Jang Geum ever get back to palace? I’m telling you this: forget all the conspiracies, plot twists and delicious food in the beginning ‘cuz the girl’s coming back, and she’s coming back for good. No one can stop her now from making justice and she’s more determined and smart than ever. Lady Choi, Geum Young and Co., you’d better get ready, ‘cuz she’s coming and she’s not alone, that’s it! I’ve warned you. Jang Geum, fighting!!


Will there be any romance? Of course, but it won’t be the main subject because this drama is something more than just a sweet love story and love triangles. But there is love, one of the purest, most loyal and sincere that you could ever see. Just don’t wait for an abundance of lovey-dovey scenes.

So, if you watch this drama, you’ll get a lot of suspense, plot twists, life lessons, motivational stories, a heart-warming love story, life-long frienship, delicious food, good music, a look at the korean culture and royalty, a brilliant cast and some nice sceneries (also, you’d get to watch a drama that made the officials stop the Olympics run that year when the hour for the drama to air was coming, if i’m remembering well from an article i have read in the past).

jg-720This is it. I hope i wasn’t too biased and you’ll enjoy it as much as i did.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 5*/5
  • Characters: 5*/5
  • Love story: 5*/5
  • Atmosphere: 5*/5
  • Plot: 5*/5
  • OST: 5*/5
  • Drama overall: 5*/5

Dae Jang Geum trailer

Watch drama:

Dae Jang Geum OST




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