• Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Year: 2004
  • Related TV shows: Full House Take 2 (SBS Plus, 2012)
~Viewership ratings: peak=42.2%, avg=31.9% (TNS)~
My rating: 5*/5


Full House is one of my first kdramas and one of my favorites too. It’s a romantic comedy full of funny, hilarious moments that made me laugh really hard. I think i’ve watched it 2-3 times and it still gets me. It had some S.F. happenings that made me wonder what’s the legislation like in South Korean, but i forgot quickly about it since i was too busy laughing.

I really liked the interpretation of Bi/Rain and Song Hye Kyo, they did a really good job together. I remember being obssesed with that house in the drama to the point of wanting to go and visit it. A very nice house and beautiful scenery. And the story actually revolves around the house.

Han Ji Eun gets tricked by her “best friends” that sell her house to a famous actor, Lee Young Jae so she becomes his housekeeper in order to have a roof and a meal. But things get complicated when Young Jae proposes Ji Eun to marry him for a short period of time giving her in return the house she lost. Given no other choice, Han Ji Eun accepts and they quickly get married.

It’s not that Lee Young Jae was in love with her since they could hardly get well with each other, but he was pressured to stop his mass-media scandals regarding women that were more and more frequent. He was actually in love with his childhood friend, fashion designer Kang Hye Won but unfortunately, she was in love with his second childhood friend, Yoo Min Hyuk. And yeah, you’re right, Yoo Min Hyuk fell in love with Han Ji Eun.


Hope you’re not lost, i’ll post a chart here to be easier for you to follow me.

full house

As you can see, love is in the air…

This was actually the part that i didn’t really like and also the fact that Young Jae was always rushing like a puppy to Hye Won every time she called for him. I wished i could punch both of them, but hey…that’s why it’s called a drama, right?

Getting back to their marriage, these two were now officially husband and wife, but at home they were still master and servant or better said, cat and mouse. There wasn’t a single moment of peace between them, always arguing, always bullying each other, poking fun one at another, making one have a breakdown from so much laughing.

And this gets even funnier when they start to care for each other and they get jealous one over the other.

Their only obstacle was that Hye Won girl that didn’t love Young Jae but couldn’t let him be with someone else either. That girl was indeed annoying. She should have followed Min Hyuk’s example and act more decently. Hye Won, you bad girl!!

I remember being so immersed in the drama that sometimes i wished i could step into the computer to punch her for being so annoying and Young  Jae for being so stupid. Anyway, she gets out of the way in the end when Young Jae finally realizes he loves Han Ji Eun and starts worrying when the D-Day (divorce day) finally is approaching. Now he’s trying to make up for the past mistakes and win Ji Eun’s heart once again.


This drama is a total roller coaster taking you up and down, from laughing to sulking and the two lead actors had a very nice chemistry and sense of humor. Watching it, you may experience both love and hate, loving these two dorks that poke fun one at another, but hating that Hye Won girl.

I liked very much that it wasn’t a drama with a big cast and that they concentrated more on Young Jae and Han Ji Eun relationship and interaction without showing other characters’ life and getting away from the main subject, so there were many scenes just in the house with Young Jae and Ji Eun interacting with each other without to many interruptions. So i really liked this approach.277_fullhouse_slider_1

Anyway, i feel that no matter how i struggle to better explain this, i still feel at a loss of words so i’ll just get straight to the point and finish it: i really enjoyed this drama, it had huge ratings and you won’t know what’s like unless you do watch it, so you should try it.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 5/5
  • Characters: 5/5
  • Love story: 4,8/5
  • Atmosphere: 5*/5
  • Plot: 5*/5
  • OST: 5/5
  • Drama overall: 5*/5

Full House trailers and funny moments

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  • Top Excellence Actor, Miniseries (Bi)
  • Top Excellence Actress, Miniseries (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Most Popular Actor Award (Bi)
  • Most Popular Actress Award (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Netizen Choice Award (Bi)
  • Best Couple Award (Bi and Song Hye Kyo)

Full House OST


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