My rating: 5*/5
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Year: 2005 – 2006

Main Cast

This is a very good drama, a romantic-comedy that got me addicted at the time i watched it. I first saw it when i was in highschool and i remember getting anxious for classes to end faster and go home to watch it.
It was so funny that i was laughing out loud since never before had i seen something as funny as this one.
The cast was quite high class too, starring Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun Ki. Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook made a great pair and Lee Jun Ki…i think he broke many hearts with his second male character and his tears when heartbroken.

Joo Yoo Rin is a cheeky girl, very good at lying and getting her way through life and mygirlgif8problems but she’s a kind, warm-hearted person, it’s just that life wasn’t too friendly to her. Growing up without a mother and with a gambler as father, they always had to run away from the creditors, living anywhere safer and eating anything. They were always on the go and Yoo Rin has always worked to pay for her father’s debts.

Seol Gong Chan is a third generation chaebol taking care of the family’s business instead of his sick grandpa since his parents both died. He’s not the warmest person or too social either, he’s only concerned with work and finding his lost cousin because his grandpa’s so willing to meet her before he dies. He then bumps into the tricky Yoo Ri and asks her to use her deceiving skills and pretend to be his long lost cousin so that his grandpa’s suffering could diminish a bit. In return, she’s getting paid as an employee and gets to live in their mansion, having all the benefits for being that household’s granddaughter.

Things get complicated and it’s hard for her to leave as planned, having to pretend longer than she and Seol Gong Chan predicted. So this is how they get close and start to have feelings for each other, but things won’t be easy for them since they’re supposedly cousins and Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Seo Hyun, pops in the picture, as well as his best friend, Seo Jung Woo, who unexpectedly falls in love with Yoo Ri. Things get more and more complicated with every lie they tell, making it harder for them to ever be together as a couple. But who knows, hope dies last, right?


A thing is for sure, i’ve laughed so hard at this one and even my mom watched it and i’m telling you, she’s not into kdramas at all, but she got addicted too and omg, i could’t get rid of her. She even watched 6-7 episodes a day, and that’s because i suggested to take a break ‘cuz even i couldn’t take it anymore. That day i admitted defeat.

In contrast with other dramas, the couple Gong Chan-Yoo Rin did’t have as many romantic moments (in my opinion) but that’s because of their “relatives”  relationship i think. Even though it was all a lie, it put some barriers to their possible interactions as lovers and at some point, they even took it for real and acted as real relatives.

Also, there where many eyes watching, one of them being the annoying ex-girlfriend that comes back after leaving Gong Chan all alone when he needed her the most and now she’s trying to win him over by playing the victim. But at least she’s useful in the end when she gives Yoo Rin a helping hand. Seo Jung Woo, though a womanizer, truly loves Yoo Rin, but he’s not forcing things as Kim Seo Hyun, he’s always waiting for Yoo Rin to choose him and he’s always there for Yoo Rin when she needed a friend. img_36_5825_0I liked the cast, the characters (excepting Seol Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend whom i find annoying), the atmosphere was good, lots of humorous moments but also sad moments, Yoo Rin and Gong Chan were a funny pair and even the grandpa had his quirks. Too bad it didn’t have plot twists but still, it was nice and refreshing to watch it.

My personal ratings:
  • Cast: 5/5
  • Characters: 5*/5
  • Love story: 4,3/5
  • Atmosphere: 5*/5
  • Plot: 4,9/5
  • OST: 5/5
  • Drama overall: 5*/5

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Episode Ratings

  • Viewership ratings and ranking among the daily Top20 TV shows
  • SBS aired two episodes on Wednesday December 28th because they were airing their annual award show on December 29th.
Date Episode Nationwide Seoul Area
2005-12-14 1 14.6% (8th) 15.8% (6th)
2005-12-15 2 15.7% (8th) 17.0% (5th)
2005-12-21 3 16.5% (5th) 17.5% (4th)
2005-12-22 4 18.8% (4th) 19.9% (4th)
2005-12-28 5+6 20.3% (3rd) 21.7% (3rd)
2006-01-04 7 22.8% (2nd) 24.2% (2nd)
2006-01-05 8 23.3% (2nd) 25.0% (2nd)
2006-01-11 9 21.3% (3rd) 22.1% (2nd)
2006-01-12 10 24.1% (2nd) 24.7% (2nd)
2006-01-18 11 21.0% (5th) 22.1% (4th)
2006-01-19 12 24.3% (2nd) 26.0% (2nd)
2006-01-25 13 21.1% (3rd) 23.1% (3rd)
2006-01-26 14 23.5% (3rd) 22.8% (3rd)
2006-02-01 15 23.2% (3rd) 23.7% (3rd)
2006-02-02 16 24.9% (3rd) 26.0% (3rd)
Average 21.0% 22.1%

Source: DramaWiki


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