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That winter, the wind blows is a heart-whelming drama about a blind young lady (also very rich), Oh Young, who’s been separated from her brother and mother since childhood, growing up with only her father and his mistress. Longing all her life to see her mother and brother, she became very harsh and cold towards people, especially her father’s mistress, whom she blames for her blindness and her family’s breakup.

As if this wasn’t enough, her father also dies, leaving her all alone in his mistress’care, thus making her more and more secluded and harsh. Having only friends with benefits, her only wish is for her brother to return and put things back in their right place once again and take care of her so she wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. Although her wish comes true, it is only partially.5f51a082a6788dd80136a713a77d9908

A person claiming to be her brother appears out of nowhere, raising many questions and making the mistress all flustered, trying to expose and kick him out. The brother is none other than a professional gambler ( Oh Soo) who leads a goal-less life and who now is in need of a large sum of money. He knew Oh Young’s brother and heard about their family story so, he and his friends, took the chance and presented themselves at Oh Young’s mansion, claiming he’s her brother. At first, not only the mistress but Oh Young too, did not completely believe him so he was kept under supervision.

He makes great efforts to convince at least Oh Young that he’s really her brother which, eventually makes everything pay off. Getting closer and closer to the money, there’s suddenly something that impedes him from taking advantage of his “sister” and then disappear, and that’s called love.


Oh Soo’s falling in love with his supposed sister, making it harder for him to take the money and even harder to be around her pretending to be brothers. At the same time, Oh Young’s feeling a strange attraction towards her “brother” but she’s mistaking it for brotherly love.

Their relationship is so heart-whelming and the way he cares for her and how he becomes so protective of her is so endearing that let me speechless…He’s so smooth in his speech and actions and so charming that… ❤ ❤ ❤

I must say this is one of my favorite love stories in kdramas – not to cheesy but romantic enough to move you and make your heart beat faster, although it has some kdrama stereotypes, they’re not there just to fill the plot’s holes and increase the number of episodes, and Jo In Sung is so so charming…the character fit him so well.

Both Oh Soo and Oh Young did not believe in love, but things turned out different from what they were expecting from life, though disappointments make their way into their love story when Oh Young finds out the truth about her so-called “brother”, his true initial intentions as well as his new feelings for her. Still, it’s hard for her to trust him once again after being hurt by his lies, so she decides to give him the money he needs as a payment for the good moments they had together as siblings and sends him away. I guess now it’s all up to him to accept or refuse the money in order to show how he really feels, but it could be too late because he finds out that Oh Young is really ill and she’s got little chance of surviving a surgery.

It looks like the only winner in this story is the mistress. Her relationship with Oh Young was almost always full of tension, she’s always been overprotective towards Oh Young, keeping her like a little bird trapped in a cage and Oh Young was always suspecting her of dreadful things and was trying to diminish her influence  in the company, in the house and in her own life.

Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo showed good chemistry, did a really good job in their impersonations, especially Jo In Sung, i liked the settings, they filmed quite a bit outside and so there were some beautiful landscapes to admire, but what i liked the most was Oh Soo’s loving and protective nature when in love.


If you are more into comedy, i must warn you that this is a melodrama so there’s not so much to laugh about, but is worth watching it, that’s for sure. I’m really into comedy myself, but couldn’t resist it and i would happily rewatch it  when i’ll have some free time.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 4,9/5
  • Characters: 4,7/5
  • Love story: 5*/5
  • Atmosphere: 4,7/5
  • Plot: 4,7/5
  • OST: 4,9/5
  • Drama overall: 5/5

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2014 23rd Seoul Music Awards
  • Best OST – “Winter Love” (That Winter, the Wind Blows OST Part 2) by The One
2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
  • Best Drama
  • Best Drama Director (Kim Kyu Tae)
  • Best Drama Screenwriter (Noh Hee Kyung)
2013 SBS Drama Awards
  • Top Excellence Actress for Miniseries (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Special Award (Jo In Sung)
  • Top 10 Stars Award (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Top 10 Stars Award (Jo In Sung)
  • New Star Award (Jung Eun Ji)
2013 2nd Daejeon Drama Festival – APAN Star Awards
  • Grand Prize/Daesang (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Best OST – “Winter Love” (That Winter, the Wind Blows OST Part 2) by The One
2013 19th Shanghai Television Festival
  • Silver Award for Foreign TV Series
2013 49th High1 PaekSang Arts Awards
  • Best TV Director (Kim Kyu Tae)

That winter, the wind blows OST


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