My rating: 3,5/5
  • Genre: Melodrama, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Year: 2016

Main Cast

Cheese in the trap…high expectations, great disappointment. I saw many talking on the Internet about this drama and i saw it was really popular, it had some high ratings for a cable channel, but i must say that i still don’t get why this drama was so popular. I didn’t read the webtoon which might be the very reason for its popularity, but the drama wasn’t that good at all. The first episodes were average and i was expecting for more to come up in the next episodes. Although late, it started to get better from episodes 9,10,11 i think, but then it stopped and got worse than it was in the beginning. It bore and annoy me to death and as much as i tried to finish it, i couldn’t and stopped at episode 13 or 14. I know there wasn’t that much till the end, but i just couldn’t take it anymore, i’ve been trying to get into it for 13 episodes but it didn’t work.

Besides the webtoon, i think another reason for it to be popular was Park Hae Jin’s character, Yoo Jung. He must have been a mistery for many and quite intriguing since you don’t get to see many people like him on a daily basis, but he was no surprise to me because i understand him and i relate to him. I was happy to see “my long lost brother”, but he was suddenly cut out from the drama (or at least, that’s how it seemed) and sent to do an internship which made him less present in the drama and i had the feeling they also suppressed his personality and didn’t take the time to present Yoo Jung’s actions in detail, like why he was doing a certain thing ,the cause, why he was using such methods, why he acted the way he did…i don’t know, i felt that they didn’t give him too much attention and didn’t go deeper into his heart which of course, made him into a bad cunning guy. I would say he’s only different, as well as his methods, but not necessarily bad…I do admit he might have been mean sometimes, like when he picked on Hong Seol for no apparent reason, but also he admitted his mistakes when confronted and was willing to correct himself. Let’s be honest, we all have our mean side from time to time, it’s just his ways of getting back at people that make him look so evil and sly. Some fight back on the spot, they shout, hit, others work behind the curtain to give someone a lesson; the same goal, different methods.

So, except for Yoo Jung, there’s nothing really special to this drama. The plot is quite simple, it presents students and their college life. Things get interesting when the perfect, super intelligent, very rich and handsome Yoo Jung starts dating the simple, nerd but nice and hardworking Hong Seol. After a year of plotting against her and giving her a hard time (because she caught on his cunningness and sometimes unorthodox methods, i believe) he finally realizes they have many things in common and starts to follow her everywhere to get closer to her. Knowing his slyness, she runs away from him and she even decides to put her studies on hold just to get away from him, but the more she’s avoiding him, the more he’s all over the place, trying to get her to date him (which i liked, he was decisive, knew what he wanted and didn’t give up, and i like this type of people).

When he finally gets to date her, the things he did in the past to torment her get back at him and intervene in their already fragile relationship, which makes it even harder for Hong Seol to understand him. This is the main problem in their relationship, although they are similar at first glance, they’re actually very different and it’s hard for Hong Seol to understand him and his way of dealing with things.


Another obstacle in their relationship seems to be Baek In Ho, an old friend of Yoo Jung, turned to enemy because of an old happening between them which lead Baek In Ho to believe Yoo Jung is responsible for his hurt hand that affected his carrier as a pianist. tumblr_o0v3q1evvh1unrbkao1_500

Baek In Ho and his sister, Baek In Ha, were taken in by Yoo Jung’s father who treated them as his own children, giving them everything they wanted which made Baek In Ha into a spoiled, conceited, annoying brat, but i must admit she was quite funny and the actress played very well her role.

And as you may guess, Baek In Ho falls in love with Hong Seol, worsening his relationship with Yoo Jung. I must admit that i liked him the most in this drama, he was funny and easy-going and quite caring from time to time, although rebellious (which is not so bad sometimes). I could’ve seen Hong Seol with Baek In Ho more than with Yoo Jung actually, they seemed better together, but who knows, i heard the end is a bit debatable, though i didn’t see it. But honestly, i’m not so curious to find out  who she ends up with.

Well, i wrote too much for a drama i didn’t really like, so it’s better to stop. Regarding the love story, i prefer to use pics than words, so take a look.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 4,5/5 (only because i like Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon and Lee Sung Kyung did well)
  • Characters: 4,5/5 (for Yoo Jung)
  • Love story: 3,8/5
  • Atmosphere: 3,4/5
  • Plot: 3,5/5
  • OST: 1/5 (i don’t even remember the music)
  • Drama overall: 3,5/5

Cheese in the trap trailer

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