My rating: 4,3/5
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Year: 2015

Main Cast

A very funny drama, but i would say it was missing just a bit to make me completely addicted to it and laugh really hard. Unfortunately, i can’t say it is equal to My girl or Full house (as for me), but it’s still worth watching.
I was surprised to see Super Junior’s Siwon as second male, having a quirky, noisy and all over the place character. He really impressed me. I wasn’t very fond of him and didn’t really find his talents before, but now I must admit he played so well in this drama. I saw him in Oh, my lady and he didn’t show exceptional acting skills, but in this drama you could see he’s really improved a lot. Well done, Siwon!
Needless to say I’m a Park Seo Joon fan after seeing him in Kill me, heal me. I think he plays pretty well and as a bonus, he’s also good looking.

The drama depicts a friendship that goes beyond time, space and changes. Kim Hye Jin She was pretty - Google Search: and Ji Seong Joon are childhood friends and each other’s first love, and apparently, only love. Back in their childhood days, Kim Hye Jin had it all, from looks, to smarts, money, popularity and strangely, she was also very kind-hearted. Ji Seong Joon has recently lost his mother and because he was a fatty, kids were always making fun of him and would bully him, so he became quite the loner, but not for too long. He moves next door to Hye Jin and he also becomes her classmate.

She was pretty - Google Search: She gains interest in him and decides to befriend him, despite her status and his image, so she becomes his guardian, best friend, mom replacement, first love and basically, his entire world. Everything is ruined when Seong Joon has to move to USA and Hye Jin cuts all contacts with him when her family goes broke and she loses all her beauty and popularity. She goes from a princess to a pauper, making her all ashamed of her new status and look.

After 15 years, she gets a new challenge when Ji Seong Joon gets a hold of her, announcing he’s coming back to Korea and that he wants to meet up with her. She’s getting a surprise to see that the fat, loner and shy kid became a slim, good looking and confident man and feels ashamed when he mistook a beautiful lady for her, thus failing to recognize her, so she goes into hiding and decides not to see him. She’s afraid and ashamed to meet him as an ugly, pitiful and jobless woman. Kim Hye Jin asks her beautiful friend, Min Ha Ri, to meet Seong Joon once, pretending to be her.

...... when I saw this part I was so happy, then he just went by... it made me teary eyed T~T She Was Pretty #korean #drama:

When Hye Jin finally gets a job, she’s petrified to see her boss is none other than her childhood friend she was running away from. Not knowing who she actually is, he’s treating her really badly, being annoyed by her mistakes at work. She was taken aback by his new personality traits, because now he’s a rude, cold and harsh man to everybody in the company, winning himself the nickname of crazy/jerk Joon.

That’s it! I won’t be telling you more. I’ll let you wait impatiently for him to find out who she really is and to how their relationship evolves.
Getting us to Siwon, he appears as the quirky, cheeky reporter Kim, working under Ji Seong Joon, thus being Hye Jin’s colleague and admirer. He leads a carefree lifestyle, always laughing and annoying others, especially his favorite victim, Kim Hye Jin. To me, he did most of the funny scenes in the drama, he was really hilarious, but at the same time he’s got this deep, intelligent side of him as well.

Anyway, with these three, especially with Kim Shin Hyuk, the drama felt like a circus.

Seong Joon annoyed me in the beginning with all his malicious comments and rudeness (although I could understand some of them), but i quickly forgot about that when he started to show his sweet, lovely side, that suited him better.

The chemistry between the two main was average or a bit above in my opinion, and I honestly enjoyed more the “bromance” between Seong Joon and reporter Kim.

The plot doesn’t have anything unique or special, but the comedy made it enjoyable to watch the drama, as well as Kim Shin Hyuk and Seong Joon (when in good mood, especially love mood). But I must say I was a bit sad when they cut the comedy out from the last episodes. I had the feeling I was watching more of a melodrama. I wish they kept it as funny from the beginning till the end.
The drama had also a bit of mystery by hiding some characters’ identity and one was always mislead into guessing who is who. I liked it because it was brain challenging.
Although it got a bit dull near the end and it seemed that they unnecessarily prolonged the drama when the main subjects were over, I can’t say it wasn’t fun to watch at all.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 4,8/5
  • Characters: 4,3/5
  • Love story: 4,7/5
  • Atmosphere: 4,8/5
  • Plot: 4,5/5
  • OST: 2,5/5
  • Drama overall: 4,3/5

She was pretty trailer

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