My rating: 4,8/5
  • Genre: Melodrama, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Year: 2012

Main cast

Although I’m not a fan of melodramas, i really liked this one. I wasn’t a big fan of Song Joong Ki either. By the time I was watching this drama, I had only seen him in Running man and I wasn’t very impressed by him. He was just another flower boy, quite childish and maybe…sly? I don’t know, but after I saw him in Innocent man, I’ve completely changed my opinion about him. He showed such good acting skills and his character was more the serious and mature type and it felt like I’ve seen another side of him. Though his character was quite expressionless, he managed to give life to it and, in my opinion, he played very well his role. I was blown away by this new image and I became his fan.

He played the role of a young, very intelligent and determined guy, Kang Ma Roo, who’s preparing too become a doctor, but his life is turned upside down by an unexpected event. He befriends and falls in love with a neighborhood girl, Han Jae Hee, who at first look might seem very sweet and innocent, but her greed shows up ruining her relationship with Kang Ma Roo, leaving him with some serious scars.

Han Jae Hee is a young journalist who tries to climb to the top by getting somehow entangled with an old, but very rich man, Seo Jung Gyu,  whose dirty business surfaces, so she tries to get the evidence from the person who wants to expose her “benefactor’s” wrong doing. She goes all alone to a hotel to meet the man, but he’s drunk and her refusal to publish those documents enrages him, so he tries to rape her.  Han Jae Hee kills him when trying to escape and she calls Kang Ma Roo for help. When he gets there, he decides to take the blame for that murder, hurrying her to leave, so he goes to prison instead of Han Jae Hee, ruining his life and career.

Although, in the beginning, Jae Hee’s often visiting him in prison feeling guilty, after a while she stops her visits and disappears from his life. When he gets out of prison, he finds out that Han Jae Hee married  Seo Jung Gyu and gave him a son. Now she’s living like a lady, surrounded by luxury. This is when he changes from the nice, loving Kang Ma Roo to a man full of rage, whose only goal in life is taking revenge on Jae Hee, so he’s planning on doing it by getting close to Han Jae Hee’s step-daughter, Seo Eun Gi, a very cheeky, cold and harsh girl, who hates her step-mother and tries to get rid of her.

His plan works in the beginning because he succeeded in getting Jae Hee all scared at the thought of her secret getting revealed and at the same time, she’s jealous of Seo Eun Gi, but everything’s ruined when he falls in love with Eun Gi and she finds out the truth about his past relationship with her step-mother and the reason for which he actually approached her.

Now is when the real war begins among these three: Han Jae Hee tries to get rid of Eun Gi, to take over her inheritance and win back Kang Ma Roo, Eun Gi’s constantly fighting for her rights and love, while Ma Roo’s torn between his guilt, his desire for revenge and his love for Eun Gi.

I must confess i really liked Eun Gi because she was one strong, decisive girl that acted according to her goals and she never backed off from achieving what she wanted, inspite of the danger and difficulties. She was the same in love when she actually pursued Ma Roo, but at the same time she protected her self-esteem and pride as a woman, or at least, that’s how it seemed to me. Anyway, she wasn’t the typical kdrama damsel in distress in need of everybody’s help, especially a man’s help, although she received a lot of help from Ma Roo, but she didn’t hide under his protective wings waiting for the storm to pass.

Their love story is not one of the most romantic and touchy-feely, both being quite aloof and reserved, but one could see their genuine feelings and care for each other. It was quite heartbreaking to see such a fine and interesting couple going through so many difficulties, but at the same time, it made the drama worth watching and I was constantly waiting to see what’s next and what will happen to their love in the end.

It was quite a refreshing and inspirational drama, and the plot was pretty brain challenging as well.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 5/5
  • Characters: 4,9/5
  • Love story: 4,3/5
  • Atmosphere: 4,6/5
  • Plot: 4,8/5
  • OST: 4,8/5
  • Drama overall: 4,8/5

Innocent man trailer

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2012 KBS Drama Awards
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards
2012 20th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards

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Innocent man OST


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