My rating: 4,2/5
  • Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Year: 2015

Main Cast

  • Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun (28, chef’s assistant at Sun Restaurant)
  • Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo (33, chef & owner at Sun Restaurant)
  • Im Joo Hwan as Choi Sung Jae (32, police officer, Sun Woo’s brother-in-law)
  • Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae (virgin ghost, spirit no. 0825)
  • Park Jung Ah as Lee So Hyung (33, PD)
  • Shin Hye Sun as Kang Eun Hee (31, Sun Woo’s younger sister, Sung Jae’s wife)

Another drama that left me with mixed feelings. I don’t even know what to believe. I’ve started watching it because there were many talks about it, but the first episodes weren’t anything special or to get me too excited and tho it got better with every episode, I still can’t say it’s one of mt favorites. I would probably label it as an average drama that didn’t bore me and that I got to see through.

Jo Jung Suk and his character kept me watching it actually. He plays the cold, oh my ghost - Google Search: charismatic chef Kang Sun Woo, owner of Sun restaurant. He is known for his amazing cooking skills and delicious food, but at the same time, for his cockiness and harsh demeanour. His restaurant staff is formed of four noisy and funny men and a small, fragile and very shy girl, Na Bong Sun. She’s always apologizing for everything and most of the time, is looked down by her boss and colleagues. Because of her ability to see ghosts, she’s got insomnia and is always sleepy and scared of her surroundings and people, thus always making mistakes because of her sleepiness. That’s why chef Kang is always scolding her, cornering her with his harsh nature and sometimes, hurtful comments, so she decides to resign, despite the fact that she actually liked him this whole time.

When she comes back, she’s so changed that people at the restaurant start thinking she’s suffering from dissociative identity disorder or something else, because now she’s very lively, cheeky and quite bold and she keeps asking the chef to sleep with her, so chef Kang, feeling guilty for how he treated her and at the same time scared by her constant sexual harassment, he takes Bong Sun to the hospital where she’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she’s given a treatment. Little did he know she’s actually being possessed by a virgin ghost with a sexual grudge that she must resolve with the help of a man of vitality, that being chef Kang Sun Woo.

Meanwhile, Bong Sun is kicked out of her rented dorm and chef Kang takes her in because of her illness and his guilt. Chef Kang sees her constant changing demeanour oh my ghost - Google Search: as manic episodes and is fighting back her sexual desire as much as he can, although she’s quite persistent. While always worrying and taking care of her, he falls in love with Bong Sun, but he finds himself confused and in a love triangle with a ghost when he finds out the truth. Things get more complicated when the ghost falls in love with chef and postpones her night with him every time so she could stay with him a bit longer. The story has also some mystery and crime, so it was quite interesting and thrilling to watch.

Now talking about the characters, chef Kang was probably the best, with his strong charisma, cocky and aloof nature on the outside who turns out to be really mushy and loving on the inside and his love for Bong Sun is so sincere and strong. He starts doing all sort of things for her and catches himself caring more than he would’ve ever thought. I liked him because he was quite a deep person and tho his difficult at times personality, he was a very caring, honest and principled guy. He was even mocked by the ghost for his conservative nature every time he refused her advances. When in love, he can be really endearing. I also appreciated his maturity and dedication when dealing with relationship problems.

Now moving next to Bong Sun. In the beginning, she was excessively shy, always saying “sorry” and never being able to look chef in the eyes. She was looked down by everybody and her voice when speaking was so low, that was almost impossible to hear her. When she became possessed, she was displaying the ghost’s temperament, oh my ghost - Google Search: that being very cheerful, bubbly, bold and noisy. So she was going back and forth between these two temperaments which would make one think of bipolar and her excessive sexual urge was thought to be a manic because of all the stress. After the ghost stops possessing her, her personality changes a bit, becoming more outspoken, sociable and cheerful, but I didn’t like it how at the end they completely changed her personality with that of the ghost, and that’s because I wasn’t very fond of the ghost and because I don’t know if such an extreme personality change is actually possible.

oh my ghost - Google Search: The ghost, Shin Soon Ae, was a very noisy, cheerful girl that died very young and now she tries to resolve her grudge so that she could happily ascend to Heaven. She’s quite aggressive and persistent in attacking chef Kang, but I do admit taking pity on her for the tragic and short existence she had and her sufferings even as a ghost. If you oh my ghost - Google Search: wonder about Im Joo Hwan, no, he won’t fall in love with Bong Sun because he’s chef’s brother-in-law, married to his disabled sister. He plays the role of a very mild and kind police officer and husband, but the reality seems to be far from the image he portrays. He was actually a really bad guy and tho I was a bit sad seeing the role he took, I must admit he played very well.

So, in the end, after talking so much about this drama, I realized that it wasn’t a bad one, that I actually liked it, not my favorite, but still a good drama, there was plenty of romance and comedy and the characters were quite complex and with some exceptions, well portrayed.

My personal ratings:

  • Cast: 4,8/5
  • Characters: 4,7/5
  • Love story: 4,2/5
  • Atmosphere: 4,3/5
  • Plot: 4,2/5
  • OST: 3/5
  • Drama overall: 4,2/5

Oh, my ghost trailer

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Oh, my ghost OST

Episode Ratings

Note: This drama airs on cable channel / pay TV which has a relatively small audience compared to free-to-air TV / public broadcasters (KBS, MBC, SBS, and EBS).



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